4INDUST by keyland

Portfolio of technology solutions for Industry 4.0

Proprietary technology aimed at reducing our clients’ costs in different industrial and production processes.

360º management of the industrial production process

Applications and tools aimed at optimizing Industry 4.0 processes through the use of technology.

Traceability and sequencing of industrial production processes

Integration throughout the manufacturing process, from receiving the order to dispatching the product to the client.

Capturing and monitoring IoT in Industry 4.0

More than 200 industrial protocols for communication with plant equipment, and libraries for viewing captured signals in HTML5 graphics.

Advanced production planning solution

Provides optimization of production based on actual plant capacity and constraints and solves the task of medium to long- term strategic planning and detailed daily sequencing.

Keyland 4indust Digital Process

Paperless digitization and optimization of industrial processes

Eliminates paper from plant processes, digitizes them and gives them added value that was not previously possible due to their manual nature and the medium used until now.

Remote support solution for industrial environments

Enables users to communicate and interact with experts who can help them solve problems through assisted reality.