Traceability and sequencing of industrial production processes

Integration throughout the manufacturing process, from the receipt of the order to the dispatch of the product to the client.

Receipt of the order

Production generation

Production process control

Final product dispatch

Production and manufacturing management software, that can be integrated with ERPs generically

Client satisfaction

  • Quality improvement.

  • Strict compliance with delivery dates and schedules.

  • Online control of the production process.

  • Fast business adaptability.

Increased profit margins

  • Cost reduction.

  • Increased production.

  • Defect reduction.

Modules and functionalities


Module responsible for integrating the client’s order, obtaining all the details of what is required (material to be produced, quantity, engineering level, delivery time, etc) and generating everything necessary for its correct processing. From this module, you can configure different input messages, both generic types (DELJIT, DELFOR, etc.) and fully customized messages or manual demands, automation and integration frequency, client lines and unloading points.


Module responsible for the configuration, monitoring, implementation and validation of the production of parts, as well as their declaration with ERP.

This module will ensure the correct production of every one of the recipe steps, preventing any incomplete or erroneous output from reaching the client, enabling you to assign. It enables you to assign production or quality defects (both through the reception of production by integrating with PLCs, and manually by the inspection operators) and remedy them, permitting the use of different recipes for each material, and integrating the necessary data for production (BOMs, routings, operations, defects, materials, engineering levels, etc.) in a generic way from any ERP through a standard format.

Shipping and packaging

These modules are responsible for the management of the shipment of parts to the client, both sequential and non-sequential. These modules are the ones that receive the information on the shipping of the order to the client, enabling the prioritization and sorting of these shipments under the conditions required by the client and configured in the system, such as reverse sorting, multiple packaging (both single-reference and multi-reference) or the configuration of the grouping depending on the way the shipment is made.

Media control

This module manages the production of media machines, in which production is automated, and the machine operator is responsible for its configuration and control. Thanks to this module, it will be possible to receive production data (such as cycles, downtime, maintenance, or tooling changes), obtain machine performance graphs, and optimize production based on the data collected.

Success stories

Grupo Antolínn


One of the world’s largest automotive component suppliers that has the Blade by Keyland solution (predecessor of keyland 4INDUST PRODUCTION) deployed in almost 100 factories around the world in different components such as panels, roofs or lightning.

LEAR Corporation

Another major global automotive component supplier that has Blade by Keyland (predecessor of keyland 4INDUST PRODUCTION) deployed in a dozen plants in Europe for the management of seat manufacturing.

keyland 4INDUST Solutions

keyland 4INDUST solutions have been specifically developed to deal with the problems and needs of the industry from a robust and flexible technology platform.