Remote support solution for industrial environments

It allows the users of a company to communicate and interact with anyone located anywhere in the world.

Through augmented reality and thanks to the tools included in the application, all the people on the call can share in real-time and with automatic translation: video, audio, and files, facilitating the support and execution of tasks without travel costs.

The application can run on devices such as Smart Glasses, facilitating specific tasks that require both hands to be accessible.

Software that enables fast response to avoid unproductive downtime and travel expenses

Accelerates incident reaction times

Ensures greater factory uptime.

Reduces travel between plants

Hiring specialists or spending on technicians from machinery suppliers.


Adaptable and integrable with ERPs, MES, IoT or PowerBI, helping with data exploitation and decision making.

Global collaborative tool

Multi-user and multi-language with live text and voice translation.

Intuitive and clear interface

Available for any device, Cloud and On-Premise.

Hands-free operability

Via Smart Glasses.

Use cases

Having a remote support service offers a wide range of possibilities within the company providing value in many processes and use cases.

Incident resolution

It allows communication with expert personnel -internal or external- in real time for the resolution of incidents, providing immediate help with any problem that may arise and that is causing machinery downtime or a significant incident in production.

It also allows an accompaniment in start-up processes or support in maintenance tasks, obtaining an improvement in response time and avoiding displacements. The evidence is stored for future reuse and consultation.

Asset management

It adds an extra value to the solution by centralizing the documentation of each asset and the know-how generated, recordings, photos or information associated with them. It allows the organization to grow up and add value as the company grows, and also allows having this documentation organized and accessible in real-time so that it can be consulted at any time.

Quality processes

Verification of processes and technical checks, monitoring and tracking of installations and assemblies. It allows the transfer of knowledge in real-time and ensures the fulfilment of tasks leaving a record in the tool.


Organizations whose processes and/or assets require remote auditing, inspection and evaluation. keyland 4INDUST REMOTE offers the ability to record these processes and to obtain evidence avoiding displacements.

After-sales services

Maximize your after-sales service with the best software products for remote support of industrial machinery. It helps us to reduce downtime and misdiagnoses, maximizing efficiency and increasing profits.

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