keyland 4indust DIGITAL PROCESS

Paperless digitization
and optimization of industrial processes

This eliminates paper from plant processes, digitizes them and gives them added value that was not possible before due to their manual nature and the medium used until now.

Keyland 4indust Digital Process
Software to digitize and optimize industrial processes and tasks that are still paper-based

Instant access to data

at any time and from any location.

Security and quality

in both data entry and data management.

Improved work organization and greater flexibility

to make changes in staff and activities.

Reliability of information

Digital information does not get lost, deteriorated or damaged.

Optimization and standardization of procedures

incorporating ranges, valid values, and validation of correspondence between values.

Time saving

throughout the process.

Saving of paper and space

as well as handling and storage work.

Improved realtime or historical

analysis capabilities.

Real-time alarms and query

for information about positions and operations.

Reduces manual tasks and human errors

by ensuring a reduction in the number of incidents resulting from the accumulation of paper-based information.

Modules and functionalities

Electronic forms

This enables the creation, modification and storage of forms in a self-sufficient way without relying on the IT department to make changes. The tool has several types of fields and allows the creation of many different layouts.

Process audits

Digitization and management of processes such as quality audits, continuous improvement processes and/or other processes. With keyland 4INDUST DIGITAL PROCESS it will be possible to deal with business processes and be provided with real-time information about their progress and monitor their implementation. This process will make it possible to identify errors in real time and correct them on the spot, rather than discovering problems later when the solution is much more complex.

Allocations in production/tasks

keyland 4INDUST DIGITAL PROCESS allows the system to be configured in such a way that it is possible to control the allocation of employee time to the operations of each of the orders/tasks. With this information, it will be possible to monitor the real-time progress of the hours spent in each of the orders/tasks, check these times against a standard and even generate alerts depending on the rules of each business.

Attendance control

Integrated management of employee attendance monitoring with access control and work schedule. The system simplifies aspects such as coordinating agendas with different schedules, assignment of absenteeism/non-absenteeism schedules, holiday management, overtime and alarm configuration. With this module, it will be possible to monitor and comply with the regulations and receive daily notifications in the event of non-compliance. In addition, this information can be integrated with the tasks/orders allocation module to compare both times.

Anomalies and incidents

Registration and management of production incidents and anomalies in lines, equipment and machinery. We offer the option of including images and a workflow for assigning the incidents/anomalies between different departments, such as production, maintenance and quality.

These data may also be used to produce graphs to simplify the monitoring and control of all tasks.

Documentation and execution guides

Provision of documentation and guides to the operators. The tool will help with the process of defining steps, alerts, information of assistance to the operator/technician, checking of tasks, etc.


Digitization of the inspection process forms, providing real-time information on our plant’s case studies and current status.

Plant map

Provides a layout of the plant/office/area and shows the KPIs of the desired process and the current status with colours in real-time.

Success stories

Experience in the analysis of the digitization of production processes in diverse sectors.


Monitoring of quality audits and continuous improvement processes.

Monitoring of production allocations.

Digitization of the Excel and paper forms that result from the audit processes of different areas in 12 centres.

Visualization of alarms.

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Planning, assignment, execution and monitoring of process and quality audits.

Digitization and data control of the paper forms and reports resulting from continuous improvement processes, anomalies in equipment and machinery, and production incidents.

Capital goods

Integrated management of Time and Attendance Control and Time Allocation Control on production orders.

Digitization of task work reports, with production orders in the packaging lines and automation of the validation of work reports.

keyland 4INDUST Solutions

keyland 4INDUST solutions have been specifically developed to deal with the problems and needs of the industry from a robust and flexible technology platform.