Real-time monitoring, control and management of operations and processes in industrial environments

Modular technology that allows scaling from a SCADA application to a complete MES / MOM system.

At Keyland SdG, we have a team with more than 10 years’ experience in designing, configuring, developing and implementing MES solutions in plants around the world

Keyland SdG’s extensive professional background in custom software developments.

Implementation and development of new solutions.

Optimal integration of new solutions with existing ones at plant level (GMAO, LIMS, SCADA, etc.)

Optimal integration of new solutions with existing ones at business user level (ERP).

Compliance with the Best Practices of the manufacturer of each product.

Modules and functionalities

In Touch

  • Open and scalable HMI with intuitive graphical animations.

  • Web access from any device, both tablets and smartphones, with no installation or maintenance required.
  • Hyper-V and VMware- compatible, with the ability to configureoption of configuring backup HMI applications locally or remotely.

  • More than 500 Industrial Graphics symbols are available for custom designs.

  • In its thirty-year history, InTouch offers a seamless version upgrade, which protects client investments in InTouch applications.

System Platform

  • Provides a single development platform for any SCADA, Supervisory HMI or MES system.

  • Real-time service oriented architecture (SOA).

  • Separates the visualization clients from the logic engine, business rules and communications and adds historization.

  • Generates different business rules from data and field events.


MES Perfomance

  • Real-time monitoring and management of production line and machine performance.

  • Critical production information about equipment efficiency, status and downtime.
    Analytics for OEE calculation.

  • Bottleneck identification.

MES Operations

  • Work order execution management.

  • Manufacture of products according to specifications.

  • Real-time and in-plant material flow tracking.

  • Team access to work plans, bills of materials, product specifications, work instructions, stock utilization, product genealogy, material traceability, etc.

MES Quality

  • Ability to collect sample data in the execution of work orders.

  • Ability to use data to bring product quality closer to specified target limits.

  • Improved capacities with higher product quality and operational efficiency.

  • Cost reduction.

  • Quality assurance, and regulatory and product safety compliance.

  • Automation of quality data collection, visualization, measurement, analysis and optimization.

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