Industries 4.0

Our services and technological solutions cover all existing industrial processes. We are 100% Industry 4.0-oriented:

  • Optimization of production planning and control, and its management in real time.
  • Optimization of warehouse processes and automation, and integration of new technologies to improve and automate inventory control, order and delivery management, and order traceability.
  • Automation and standardization of processes.

Capital Goods

In capital goods industries, production flexibility, traceability of components, and optimization of remote client support and maintenance services are crucial. This applies to both predictive and real-time models. It is in these processes that technology solutions bring the most added value to the industry.

Our experience, from production planning and component traceability processes to remote maintenance or the generation of commercial offers for specific equipment, allows us to offer specific solutions of value to your business model.

Automotive and components

The challenge of cost containment, versus the ability to satisfy national and international demand, the flexibility and optimization of the production process and business growth, are some of the key factors to consider in the strategic and tactical decisions that technology in the automotive and components sector is facing. At Keyland SdG, we have extensive experience in the sector thanks to our team of experts and the know-how we have developed.

FMCG and food

The FMCG industry and its processes are affected by three major factors: constant product innovation, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation to improve the client experience.

Innovation is a lever for margin improvement and can be technologically supported, among other options, by Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, collaborative product development with clients and suppliers and innovation portals or groups.

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

The pharmaceutical and chemical industry incorporates a strong model of national, European and international regulatory compliance into the competitiveness of the industrial sector. In addition, the characteristics of some production processes and manufacturing guidelines, such as sterility, corrosive, irritating or contaminating components, the use of specific detectors, the control of temperatures, pressures and times and the management of tests, among other things, mean that their operation and control is highly specific to each company. At Keyland SdG, we adapt to offer the most suitable solution in each case.


In the metal industry, the strong focus on initiatives to increase operational efficiency and flexibility makes collaborative robotics solutions a sound option for assembly, welding, picking, etc. processes. These new technologies can enable some industries to enter new markets by machining materials with new formats and properties.

Other industries

Keyland also has knowledge and experience in other sectors, such as engineering and simulation, construction, logistics and aeronautical components.

For all industries, we carry out projects for the implementation of different SAP operations modules, collaborative robotics projects, mobile robotics projects and consulting projects for Industry 4.0 plans.

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