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At Keyland SdG, we work with the best partners to offer a high-quality service with a difference. We have been working for years with the leading companies in the technology sector offering cutting-edge solutions.


SAP is the leader in enterprise resource planning applications (ERP) and one of the world’s leading software manufacturers.

Although its main product is the ERP system, both in its S/4HANA and SAP Business One version, which is more focused on small and medium-sized companies, this German manufacturer is also a benchmark in different software solutions for the digital transformation of companies.

At Keyland SdG, we have been part of the SAP commercial ecosystem for more than 10 years. We have more than 40 consultants dedicated to this technology.


AVEVA is the market leader in real-time operations management software for industry and infrastructure management.

InTouch is the most popular HMI on the market and is used in more than a third of all industrial and manufacturing plants worldwide. On the other hand, System Platform is the only scalable platform on the market capable of supporting monitoring, SCADA, MES, IIoT and integrating production processes with enterprise business solutions. System Platform is the most potent IIoT platform on the market.

AVEVA MES/MOM is the solution for controlling production operations. It is scalable and modular and has the broadest functional coverage for the management of production, quality and equipment performance (OEE).
Keyland SdG is a registered AVEVA partner.


Universal Robots (UR) is the leading Danish manufacturer of collaborative robotic arms used in various production environments around the world.

Their safe, reliable and easy-to-use 6-axis arms are the ideal system as the basis for automation and process optimization solutions.

Universal Robots’ collaborative robot arms are used to boost performance and add value for all companies of all industries and sizes.

Universal Robots guarantee the integration of the collaborative robot in a short period of time, and Keyland SdG will provide the necessary training for the operators so that they can handle the cobot and interact with it safely and intuitively.


Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) stands out for the high technological level of its Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), which are the perfect solution for optimizing internal logistics.

MiR’s AMRs are fully autonomous robots, capable of navigating through complex spaces and avoiding any stationary or moving obstacle, determining the most efficient route.

They have autonomous navigation and do not require any modifications to their installations with cables or sensors in order to operate.

They can be equipped with a wide variety of accessories, such as tops or lifts, hooks and trolleys that allow all kinds of transport tasks to be carried out.

Their technology enables profitable and fast implementations. Modifications due to route or layout changes are easy to make. In most cases, they can be carried out by the client’s own staff with appropriate training by Keyland SdG.


Microsoft is the software manufacturer considered to be a pioneer in the development of Operating Systems and other computer resources such as databases, etc.

Keyland SdG is a Microsoft Gold Partner and develops its products and those of its clients with Microsoft technology, which allows us to work quickly and easily. Our methodology and excellence in development results in robust solutions tailor-made for our clients.

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