Robots and humans working together with full safety guarantees

Numerous manufacturers have launched new products and made advances to current robotics, leading to exponential growth in this market.

Flexibility, versatility and easy use

Space and work-sharing with people.

No fencing required.

Easy and intuitive programming and use.

Multitasking. Different activities in different work shifts.

Dynamic changes in various processes and areas of the plant.

Quick implementation, full integration.

Low investment with ROI in less than 1 year.

For companies of all sizes.

Types of collaborative robots

Robotic arms (Cobots)

These have internal sensor systems that detect any external force exerted on any axis to ensure safety when working side by side with humans.

Easy to implement, maintain and update

We support our clients in the identification of business opportunities, innovation strategy and transformation.

Pick & Place

Increase accuracy and reduce waste by automating Pick & Place tasks.

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Enjoy fast and precise handling of injection molds for prototyping and short production runs.

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Quality control

Increase uniformity and keep your product quality levels high.

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Packaging and palletizing

Make sure your deliveries are always calculated and packaged correctly.

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Apply the optimum force in polishing and buffing processes with the help of collaborative robots.

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Accurate and uniform screwing and tightening with collaborative robots.

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Gluing and dispensing

Reduce waste and increase precision with the integration of a collaborative robot.

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Laboratory tests and analysis

Automates gruelling research projects that demand flexibility, efficient use of space and seamless integration of laboratory peripherals.

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AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots)

Fully autonomous and intelligent transport device that automates transport tasks in production and logistics areas.

Capable of transporting all types of loads with no external guidance

Can be combined with a cobot. Capable of moving and working together guided by its environment, lasers and on-board sensors.

Natural navigation

Automatic obstacle avoidance and dynamic recalculation of routes to take the optimal path at all times.

Total plant flexibility

No floor lines, construction works or laser mirrors. If your plant changes, your transport system changes quickly and easily.

Technological independence

The intuitive programming systems allow plant personnel to autonomously maintain and modify the behaviour of AMRs.

Collaborative robots are not intended to replace people.
They are intended to work hand in hand with them.

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We calculate your ROI in Collaborative Robotics

Keyland SdG’s high-added value in collaborative robotics

Our extensive expertise in collaborative robotics integrations allows us to offer our clients competitive advantages.

  • Adaptation to the client.
  • Ad-hoc customized developments.

  • Complete and integrated application with MES, SAP and ERP plant control systems.

  • Multipartner. Design and implementation of the optimum solution for each client.

  • Traceability and registration of operations with a quality acceptance process.

  • Possible security extensions (environment control, access, movement of people, etc.).

  • Dynamic and flexible solution.

  • Retrieval and use of data for preventive and evolutionary maintenance, Machine Learning and AI.

  • System integration with any type of sensor system, artificial vision or automaton.

  • Service and support at any phase.