Advanced production planning solution

Provides an optimized solution based on actual plant capacity and constraints, and solves medium to long-term strategic planning and detailed daily sequencing.

The solution enables the development of a customized planning algorithm to meet the client’s production and planning needs, making the software adapt to the organization’s needs and not the other way around.

Simplifies and optimizes production planning, customizing the specific processes of each plant

Anticipates needs

Reduces raw material and finished product storage times, and minimizes the cash on hand and the associated costs for storage and necessary conservation.

Meets delivery times

Improves the placement of needs in the planning, avoiding bottlenecks and guaranteeing delivery within the agreed deadlines.

Improves management

Simplifies planning tasks, optimizes resources and operator work time, sets alerts, schedules automatic tasks and synchronizes with the factory ERP for accurate management.

Increases productivity

Reduces waiting times and production downtime due to maintenance, cleaning or assembly. Balances loads and adds new lines to the schedule.

Avoids human errors

Eliminates complex planning with spreadsheets and disseminates knowledge among different roles, avoiding dependence on specific profiles and their management.

Saves planning time

Reduces change implementation times and errors both in needs and in plant layout or resources.

Modules and functionalities

Planning visualization

The tool allows you to visualize planning data in customized reports from a detailed Gantt Chart that provides the following functionalities:

  • The definition of capacities per process or operator in different time periods.

  • Waiting and setup times between operations.

  • Blocking of production operations.

  • Replanning of orders or requirements bearing in mind delivery dates.

  • Allows movements within the timeline, differentiating processes, orders and calendar days or working days.

  • Quick visualization of project/order delivery date compliance.

The tool offers the possibility of performing simulations on two levels:

  • Simulation environments by user: a complete copy of the database in order to perform tests and changes in configurations (layout, master data, etc.) in a real data scenario, but without affecting the actual planning.

  • Simulated planning: allows the versioned saving of the planning in order to create different scenarios and choose the most optimal.

Master data

Module responsible for the configuration of all the tool inputs, making it possible to reach a highly advanced level of customization:

  • Access management, permissions, and change auditing.

  • Event monitoring to create alerts.

  • BOM or Bill of Materials.

  • Roadmaps for the management and configuration of production operations.

  • References or materials.

  • Manufacturing lines/stations.

  • Management and configuration of calendars, shifts and scheduled downtime.

  • Clients and suppliers.

Integration with other systems and scheduled tasks

It allows integration with other external systems (such as ERP, MES, MOM) both automatically and manually, by scheduling tasks, either through web services, databases or files.

Strategic planning

Module responsible for long-term planning. It enables planning improvement, bearing in mind the factory capacities and long-term orders.

Planning (Sequenced)

Module responsible for short/medium-term planning bearing in mind the sequenced planning of production operations, resources (shifts, schedules, scheduled downtime, etc.), times, bill of materials, stock and capacities in order to optimize production.

Resource Planning

Planning module conditioned by training or the adaptation of resources to the operations or tasks to be planned.

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