Custom Software Development

Experts in Custom software development

At Keyland SdG, we are systems integrators. We offer you customized developments -in project or service mode- covering the entire life cycle of applications: determination of requirements, analysis and design, different development modalities, testing process, implementation and start-up support, and subsequent monitoring and maintenance.

The aim of all this is to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. That is why we work in different categories when it comes to the development and integration of information systems:

Ad-hoc development of applications

This refers to what we call “turnkey” projects that cover process and business operations and functionalities.

Technological update/migration of solutions / Applications

Projects for the technological updating of applications, which due to their technological obsolescence, do not require functional changes or which are significant in terms of operations.

Integration of solutions/applications

Projects for integration between different applications/products/solutions that are assigned to other specific process areas in the client’s facilities.

We have the latest technologies on the market, mainly based on Microsoft technologies in which our team of expert programmers, analysts and project managers have several certifications:

Operating Systems: Windows, Android, iOS.

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Azure Cosmos DB.

Mobile applications:
Xamarin, Android, iOS.

Cloud: Microsoft Azure.

Backend: .Net Core, .Net Framework, ASP .Net, WCF, C#…

Frontend: Angular, WPF, Silverlight, Javascript, HMTL, CSS…

We go beyond where other solutions reach

We cover the entire cycle of the solution

We can create any module or functionality based on the requirements specified by the client during the definition and analysis process.

  • Desktop and web applications.

  • Databases.

  • Updating existing programmes and migrating to more current technologies.

We cover the entire industrial ecosystem.
Our development of customized solutions offers greater flexibility and adaptability to our clients’ processes.

100% customized solution

Covers all your business needs

Fits in with your current processes

Flexible and scalable

Easy to maintain

Microsoft Gold Partner

Integration and interoperability between tools

All of our proprietary products, such as keyland 4INDUST PRODUCTION, keyland 4INDUST PAPERLESS or keyland 4INDUST REMOTE, are designed by our development team in the same way as a custom development requested by a client for their business.

Case studies

We have more than 14 years’ experience in customized developments for the leading industries.


  • On-site visualization of sensors.

  • Production process management.

  • Warehouse management.

  • Plant alarm visualization.


  • Traceability.

Other sectors

  • Performance management

  • Legal information solutions, management software and training.

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